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God Is Cleaning House (Including Every Industry and Sect of Society)

    God is cleaning house.   I'm talking about everywhere including every industry and sect of society.   I had a dream. A ve...

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Monday, December 12

Sunday & Wednesday Services Offered at Calvary Bible Church in Portland, Oregon




Sunday & Wednesday Services Offered at Calvary Bible Church in Portland, Oregon


Come love God & People with us …


(Portland, OR) – December 12, 2022 – A 100-year-old non-Denominational (once upon a time = Baptist) Church located in Portland, Oregon is welcoming you to join them for Sunday & Wednesday services.

Calvary Bible Church is a Non-Denominational, Bible-Based church focused on loving Jesus, and secondly, loving people. You are welcome.

Calvary Bible Church is mission-minded, focused on the mission of preaching the gospel of Jesus for the world to hear.

If you love great worship, or want to come and enjoy the music, they are most definitely not a dead church either, very much alive in Jesus, you may describe as “Bapticostal”.

Having authored books such as “12 Life Changing Steps”, “Ask JESUS”, and “Always with You”, … the Pastor James Doss’ teaching & preaching is RELEVANT TO CURRENT TIMES, and surely be something YOUR HEART WILL CONNECT WITH.

If you live in Oregon or nearby, come join one of the services:

CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE at 7pm on Dec. 24th

And every …

Sunday at 11am

Wednesday at 7pm

Learn more on The Official Website at:


Connect on Facebook at:



Wednesday, December 7

Timely Prophetic Dream: When There Seems NO WAY TO ESCAPE ... GOD!!!


I had a dream last night I wish to share.

A great tusnami was headed toward the building I was in. It was in a skyscraper and I saw only one way to escape. going up in the elevator. But as I started pushing the buttons trying to get it to work, I was being yelled out saying "that wont work. it will overload the system. dont do that". this was being said by someone in authority.
many people were yelling and screaming and running.

then out of nowhere, the lady that was yelling at me opened a huge backdoor and to my surprise it was nothing but beautiful dry land and no threat of a tsunami.

When hope looks lost, we must look to Jesus. He's the only way!

It may seem like all hope is lost, but at the last moment, God will prove there is HIS WAY WHICH IS SO MUCH BETTER AND WILL PROVIDE ESCAPE!

This is GOD'S MESSAGE to all of us today!

Have faith in HIM! He IS The Way!

Tuesday, November 22

God Is Cleaning House (Including Every Industry and Sect of Society)



God is cleaning house.


I'm talking about everywhere including every industry and sect of society.


I had a dream. A very unique, strange dream where I woke up feeling different than usual.

Like something had broke in the atmosphere. Like a breakthrough.


Considering my past with mental institutions and rehabs, I often dream about them oppressing me. They are never good dreams, but this was a good one. The first good one I had regarding these circumstances (walking into an institution).


I was NOT going as a client or patient (also signifying my personal growth), but I was going into the rehab for some other unrelated business. was NOT going to be staying. some temporary paperwork or something to deliver. (entirely different than all my past dreams.).


There were about 3 Black (African American) security guards with black pants and two-toned blue and black polo type shirt (uniform).


I was immediately charged at aggressively by an overly aggressive security guard.

It was clear he was out of line, cause I didn't do anything to provoke him, and his colleagues were looking at him like he was nuts.


He almost got himself shot (cause, yes I was 'carrying'), but he didn't even notice that. he had an issue with something else I honestly don't know what. he was just 'out of line' from the get-go.


Well anyway, a bit later in the dream cause I met with the "big boss" in his office which had an 'open door' (which is symbolic of the entire feeling I felt during the dream that there was more freedom and less oppression. these offices treated you like family.) anyway (God has a sense of humor). The "big boss" was DON SHIPLEY from that Fake Military Men YT channel. Haha. and he was just laughing at the situation, but in a good way.


He told me they fired him and he doesn’t know what he deal was.

The entire dream after that, I had to meet with a lot of higher ups at the offices.


I've previously had dreams about navigating office buildings and its always so OPPRESSIVE and WITH A LOT OF HEADACHE AND RED TAPE.


but this was DIFFERENT. there was so much FREEDOM AND FRIENDLINESS.

I felt like I was in a little town where everyone was FAMILY and WILLING TO HELP.


everything worked out, and the low-level security guard was fired.


I prayed about this dream, and God tells me that this is symbolic of how God is cleaning out every industry including offices and every industry in our society.


Less Oppression! More Freedom! More Love! Where We Go One We Go All! FAMILY!


This is the time to start pulling your $ out of every company that doesn't align with your values, and investing in God's parallel economy. Soon, the parallel economy will takeover and be the mainstream!


This will natural clean house from the top to bottom, with God's help!


Saturday, September 17

Praising & Glorifying God for Another Year Alive & Sober ...

Hurray! I made it to 38 years young, and 7 years sober by the Grace of God!!!  

7 years ago, before a major encounter with GOD ALMIGHTY! I was lost in the bottle. I tried over and over and couldn't do it alone! I lost count at over 15-20 locked up in (short-term) rehabs and mental institutions by the age of 30! When I was 31, a Pastor of mine laid hands on me (in my living room while I was drunk), and I had my first VERY REAL experience WITH THE HOLY GHOST! I haven't been the same since! I followed up with 10 months of intensive, longterm rehab, but nonetheless it was GOD that really did it for me! Even when I was lost in the bottle (and hooked on Benzo Anxiety Meds), I never gave up calling out to Him, to save me from the addiction (and lifestyle that I lived). I just couldn't kick it no matter how much I tried over and over! 

I had so many ❤ people praying for me, in whom I eternally grateful for!!! 

I'm not where I want to be, but I THANK GOD I'M NOT WHERE I USED TO BE!!! 🙌

The Show Will Go On ~ For Immediate Release ~ EA Truth Media Host Resigns


Long Time Truth Media Host Resigns From Eternal Affairs Media Due To ‘A Full Plate’  


Dan Hennen was the longest serving Radio Host / Personality on EA Truth Radio brought by Eternal Affairs Media founded in 2010 as an alternative to mainstream propaganda. Dan brought a lot to the table for several years and is now resigning due to balancing a full schedule in his life.

Eternal Affairs Media is searching for TWO new hosts to add to the team, immediately. These are volunteer positions with a potential for pay in the future, as they grow, and you grow with the media ministry.

CEO & Publisher, Curtis “Ray Biselliano” Bizelli, says “We are passionate about providing the truth to the public, in these times where so many people are deceived. We find our truths in The Bible, The Word of God, and by the Spirit of Jesus, The Holy Spirit.”

Dan had a unique way of presenting Unbiased News on his Radio Show / Podcast, “We Are The News Now with Dan Hennen on EA Truth Radio”. He will surely be missed by a countless number of followers, as well as the team.

Eternal Affairs Media has also morphed into a new calling to be a Prophetic End Times Ministry, over the last few years. 

The Entire Mission Can Be Summed up in 2-Bible Verses:

“The voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert A highway for our God.” ~ Isaiah 40:3 

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. ~ John 16:33

CEO & Publisher of Eternal Affairs Media, Curtis “Ray Biselliano” Bizelli proclaims, “There's a time, season and generation for everything all throughout History, which includes matching Biblical History also known as ‘Paradigms’ or as I refer to as ‘Parallels’. We're living in a season where people all over the world from all walks of life are receiving Visions, Dreams and Prophecies. Biblical knowledge that we once did not understand is now being revealed to us rapidly. The Word says that in the end knowledge will increase! I am absolutely confident that we are the generation of many of the End Times events prophesied about in the Bible, and Jesus Christ’ return is imminent.”

Eternal Affairs Media has had a mantle to be WATCHMEN ON THE WALL since 2010, and even though the media ministry has grown a lot and seen massive success at times, that success has been majorly stifled by Big Tech Tyrants that don’t like the UNPOPULAR & CONTROVERSIAL truth that the ministry preaches.

Regardless, this mantle was GIVEN BY GOD, NOT BIG TECH, therefore EA Truth Media will continue to storm the gates of the enemy in these end times, bringing the message of the truth powered by The TRUTH to the world, with Jesus Christ being The Ultimate Truth that governs every smaller unsettling truth on the media website:

“Yes, Dan will surely be missed. He was a great asset, and is always welcome back, but we will continue to march forward,” says the CEO & Publisher.

If you’re interested in volunteering, you can visit the Media Ministry’s Contact Page at:

You Can Also View This Official News on EA Truth Media Website