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Sunday, December 27

My Personal 2021 New Year Goals "aka" Resolution

My 2021 New Year Goals: 


I'm gonna start fasting more, cutting back on smokes, exercise more and try to develop a disciplined routine. that's my resolution for 2021. Are you making a #NewYearsResolution or setting any New Goals for The New Year?

Tuesday, December 15

Media Operation & End Times Ministry HIRING 2021 VOLUNTEERS


Eternal Affairs Media is seeking volunteers who are passionate about The Truth regardless of how controversial it is, and have the time and skills to invest our media operation & online ministry. 

Positions 2021: 

Content Planner
Investigative Journalists/Writers
Radio Host / Personality / Reporters
Social Media Mods & Promoters "Advocates" and "Ambassadors" 
Associate Editor
Asst. Publisher
Video Producer / Video Editing
Asst. Radio Producer / Podcast Editing
Website/tech Help/webmaster