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Prayer ARMY ⚔️

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Saturday, March 30

Prayer ARMY ⚔️



😇 We really need to stop underestimating the POWER OF PRAYER? and saying things like "stop praying and do something", etc. I, and my media ministry highly covet your prayers cause we are always facing very difficult hardships in the form of sabotage, hindrance, yes, targeted harassment & even persecution ... online for 14-years. This is our Kairos time & the enemy does not like the TRUTH we SPEAK! ‼️

🎺 Please pray for us & with us! JOIN OUR PRAYER ARMY! ⚔️

Friday, March 29

DREAM: When Hope Looks Lost, Look For The Secret Door ... That Leads To JESUS!!!

Happy Good Friday ... Yes! I said "happy" because WE KNOW SUNDAY IS COMING and we have the victory in Him!

I wish to share with you a dream I had in 2022. It's very relevant to TODAY ...

Calm In The Storm

A great tusnami was headed toward the building I was in. It was in a skyscraper and I saw only one way to escape. going up in the elevator. But as I started pushing the buttons trying to get it to work, I was being yelled out saying "that wont work. it will overload the system. dont do that". this was being said by someone in authority.
many people were yelling and screaming and running.

then out of nowhere, the lady that was yelling at me opened a huge backdoor and to my surprise it was nothing but beautiful dry land and no threat of a tsunami.

When hope looks lost, we must look to Jesus. He's the only way!

It may seem like all hope is lost, but at the last moment, God will prove there is HIS WAY WHICH IS SO MUCH BETTER AND WILL PROVIDE ESCAPE!

This is GOD'S MESSAGE to all of us today!

Have faith in HIM! He IS The Way!

Monday, March 25

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THIS RISING STAR: Logan Umfress Is Already Smashing His Baseball Career Out of The Ballpark


BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THIS RISING STAR: Logan Umfress Is Already Smashing His Baseball Career Out of The Ballpark


(Belden, MS), March 25, 2024, High School Freshman, Logan Umfress loves to play baseball, and is gearing up for an exciting career for those coaches that wish to follow him. He’d love to be invited to more camps.

He’s 15 years old and currently playing 15U select baseball for USA Prime Baseball and Highschool Baseball for Tupelo Christian Prep.

Logan is an Honor Roll Student and achieves amazing academic scores. He will graduate in 2027.

A power hitter that has been awarded PG All Tournament, and many other awards, he is a consistent switch hitter with some of the highest batting averages on his teams. He will never let you down hitting several Homeruns each and every season.

Logan is also defensively strong and agile for an athlete at 5’10” and 200 lbs.

His primary position is 1st base, but also plays 3rd base and Pitcher.

You can follow LOGAN UMFRESS on his social media:

Twitter: @LoganUmfress

Instagram: @LoganUmfress

Youtube: loganumfress2557





Andrew Herrington Head Coach

Grew up in Olive Branch, Ms and graduated high school from Marshall Academy. Played 2 years of Junior College Football at Northwest Mississippi Community College where I was a part of the 2015 NJCAA National Championship Football Team. Prior to coming to TCPS i served as an assistant baseball coach at Bolton High School (TN) in 2020, and also most recently at Center Hill High School (MS) from the fall of 2020 until after the 2022 season. I have been coaching baseball since 2017, starting in the travel baseball side and working my way towards high school.

My wife Kayla and I live in Guntown, Ms, and we have a daughter, Aubrey, she's 2 years old. 

My family and I are blessed to be a part of the TCPS family and are excited about the upcoming baseball season. Go Eagles!



Paxton Pearson Assistant Coach

Coach Paxton Pearson brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for baseball to the TCSP Baseball Team as the assistant baseball coach. With a deep understanding of the game and a dedication to player development, Coach Paxton plays a vital role in shaping the team's success both on and off the field.

Coach Paxton Pearson was committed to play collegiate baseball out of high school at the University of Illinois Springfield. Unfortunately, due to an injury Paxton was unable to continue to play baseball. He attended the University of Mississippi before entering the world of coaching.  Coach Pearson began their coaching journey with Easley Baseball Club and TCPS.  Coach Pearson is married to Madi, and they have one daughter Beckham.

As the assistant coach, Coach Pearson works closely with the TCPS Baseball head coach, Andrew Herrington and the players to refine skills, develop strategies, and foster a culture of teamwork and excellence. Their coaching philosophy centers building confidence, emphasizing fundamentals, promoting a growth mindset, empowering players to perform at their best in every aspect of the game.

With a passion for coaching and a commitment to excellence, Coach Pearson continues to inspire and guide the next generation of baseball players, leaving a lasting impression on the TCPS baseball community.


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March, 2024 @

Sunday, December 3

Revival in The Midst of THE STORM ... A Dream

Revival in The Midst of THE STORM ... A Dream I had last week and already shared on Social Media! 

Just had an amazing [dream] displaying the power of the Holy Spirit in these times. He's about to sweep mightily, and move so much more!


the storm is here, it is upon us!

and He is here with us!

this one will require a vid or something to explain and display the power of the spoken word

God is amazingly good all the time!!! His will be done!

#Biblical #BuckleUp

My dream was so powerful with The Holy Spirit, mighty revival was here. there was something in my dream everytime I SPOKE "The Storm". the Glory of God would fall like crazy so strong immediately EVERYTIME I SPOKE "THE STORM" TO THE POINT THAT PEOPLE WERE FALLING OUT BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST!

Tuesday, October 17

‘Family Circle’ Book Series Comes to Life by Author Amanda Umfress and TouchPoint Press




‘Family Circle’ Book Series Comes to Life by Author Amanda Umfress and TouchPoint Press

(Belden, MS, USA), October 17, 2023 – Book Author and Christian Public Speaker, Amanda Umfress has released TWO of her books in her 5-book series, Family Circle”.

They were published by TouchPoint Press.

The 1st book was “Claire St. John” released in November of 2021, and the 2nd book being “Reese Sanders” released in October of 2022.

Author Amanda Umfress is a dedicated Christian, Wife and Mother who is available for speaking engagements effective immediately.

About Claire St. John: When Claire St. John finally gets pregnant, she can hardly control her excitement. But after a painful miscarriage, she becomes consumed with an anger that jeopardizes her faith, her marriage, and her family. In a perilous journey of hardship and renewal, Family Circle imitates life with twists, turns, and revelations. 

About Reese Sanders:
Reese Sanders’ life has never been idealistic. She was adopted as a baby, and although she had loving adoptive parents, she felt a void she hoped one day to fill by finding her birth mother. When her life takes an unexpected turn and Reese is faced with needing a kidney transplant, God provides it in an unexpected way. A way that takes the life of her friend Claire but takes her on a journey to understand their connection beyond friendship. As Reese focuses on discovering her birth parents, she encounters a situation no woman ever wants. Reese is sexually assaulted. The journey to learn to live after the assault is one she doesn’t know if she will be able to complete.

Obtain a Copy of Amanda’s Latest Book in the “Family Circle” Series at:



For as long as she can remember, Amanda Umfress has loved to write. She cherishes the lure of the written word—the power to create new worlds, cultivate actuality in realms of possibility. A southerner through and through, Amanda’s writing often embraces the hospitality of the South. She was born in Mississippi and currently resides in Tennessee.

Amanda has an MBA and has worked in pharmaceutical/medical sales industry for over 15 years. When she’s not writing, Amanda spends time with her family: her husband, Jeff, their twins Allie and Harper, and their son, Logan. As a voracious reader, Amanda has fostered a love of reading in her children, and her family members are her biggest fans, providing priceless support. 

Amanda relishes the human experience, and as such, she knows that life is difficult. A passionate Christian, she hopes that her writing affords her readers a channel of repose and a cognizance that enduring faith never disappoints. Amanda relies on a pervading theme in her daily life and in her writing: “For I know the Plans I have for you” (Jeremiah 29:11). Although Family Circle is Amanda’s first novel, she has already started working on her next novel.  

Learn More About Amanda or Book Her for Speaking Engagements at:


# # #


Curtis Bizelli


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‘Family Circle’ Book Series Comes to Life by Autho...
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