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Saturday, March 5

Linkedin Has Picked a Fight They Can't Win


Talk about blatant Harassment! It's the same damn photo I've had on Linkedin for years! and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it! Linkedin is just trying to start shit! I've had it with Big Tech!


They hate & despise me cause how effective I am with the anointing God has put on me. 

They hate & despise everything good and wholesome. They are blatantly EVIL and their FALL is right around the corner, sayeth the Lord! 

Pride comes before a fall, and they have become too brazen and prideful with their harassment of people who speak The Truth. 

I've been dealing with Big Tech censorship & targeting for at least 10 years. I've been hit more than most. 

God have mercy on them! 

He will put a FINISH to this fight they have started!