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Monday, December 12

Sunday & Wednesday Services Offered at Calvary Bible Church in Portland, Oregon




Sunday & Wednesday Services Offered at Calvary Bible Church in Portland, Oregon


Come love God & People with us …


(Portland, OR) – December 12, 2022 – A 100-year-old non-Denominational (once upon a time = Baptist) Church located in Portland, Oregon is welcoming you to join them for Sunday & Wednesday services.

Calvary Bible Church is a Non-Denominational, Bible-Based church focused on loving Jesus, and secondly, loving people. You are welcome.

Calvary Bible Church is mission-minded, focused on the mission of preaching the gospel of Jesus for the world to hear.

If you love great worship, or want to come and enjoy the music, they are most definitely not a dead church either, very much alive in Jesus, you may describe as “Bapticostal”.

Having authored books such as “12 Life Changing Steps”, “Ask JESUS”, and “Always with You”, … the Pastor James Doss’ teaching & preaching is RELEVANT TO CURRENT TIMES, and surely be something YOUR HEART WILL CONNECT WITH.

If you live in Oregon or nearby, come join one of the services:

CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE at 7pm on Dec. 24th

And every …

Sunday at 11am

Wednesday at 7pm

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Connect on Facebook at: