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Thursday, April 27

National Poetry Month ~ GRAND FINALE ~ with Poet Curtis Ray Bizelli


April is #NationalPoetryMonth. I've had over 200 poems published and garnered many awards since I was a child! I have NOT written any in OVER A DECADE, but I'm sharing my old ones now!!! 
All poems written 2007 & prior ... 
Curtis Ray Bizelli


The Earth Is Shaking

The earth is shaking
My mind is breaking
I don’t know where to go
Will it be where the cold wind blows
There’s a girl, my heart she’s taking
Shaking and Breaking
I don’t know where to go
Can I come over please?
I’m pleading and begging
Looking up from my knees
Come and get me please
I don’t know where to go
May it be where that damned wind blows
Will it be somewhere down below
I don’t know
I don’t know
I don’t know where to go

My body is shaking
My heart is breaking
Her heart, I am taking
My Own Will, forsaking 

When I'm Strong

You asked me if I was ok

if I ever thought about you still

and I said that I'm fine

Just glad to see your smile shine

But …..

deep down inside, baby, after I pop this pill

Everything is shady

and I am blue,

oh baby, baby … how I’m missing you

So … when I'm Strong ...

I'll give you the answer that's real

When I'm Strong...

I'll tell you how I really feel

When I'm Strong

I'll think about you again

When I'm Strong

I'll let you back in

… and I’ll get you to love me all over again

Oh baby, baby … how I’m missing you

Oh, my sweet little darling, oh how I’m missing you

One day I’ll give in


I wake up, and my world has changed

I feel nothing but pity for myself

My mind is deranged

A night of fun and laughter

Turned into a day of sickness and sorrow

I promise myself I’ll never put the bottle to my mouth again

But I still do…tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow

I wake up, and my world has changed

I feel nothing but pity for myself

My mind is deranged 


A Shoulder To Cry On

The branch bent over
Gently touching the willow
Weeping they met
In soft unison, caressing
Their tears flowing in a silent stream
Down the valley of loved ones parted 

If I Belong

Everything I’ve known is wrong
I no longer belong
Never Did, in reality
Now, I can somewhat see
My imagination has ran strong
For I don’t know how long
But now I know
that I don’t know
If I really belong 


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