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Friday, April 10

"Darnkess" - Light at The End of The Tunnel - HE IS RISEN - Easter 2020 - Letter From Trump

Although we are in the midst of a challenging time in History, I am Confident that We, The American People, and The Global Population will rise above this setback and come out at the end of the tunnel. I see the light in Jesus! Use this time to reflect on GOD in your life. Allow Him in your heart,, if you will, and allow Him to move your soul with compassion! Pray for our Leaders (Public Servants) such as President Trump who is really just a good man trying to save his country from the EVIL DARKNESS THAT HAS INVADED OUR LAND! PRAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE! and WE SHALL PREVAIL! 

God bless you Mr. President, your family & This GREAT Nation that we both love so dearly! 

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! I'm praying for you and yours during this troublesome time!

We will make it through and see THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. 

Here is the LATEST from my outlet, Eternal Affairs Media! 

and I have to give a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Trump for sending me a personalized, email response after I wrote him several times recently. This man truly cares for you! Please stop bashing him & pray for him instead! 

P.S. Followers, My MAIN Twitter @WatchmanCBiz caught a 7-day ban the other day. I think I'm about 2 or 3 days in. I'm using our outlet's twitter @EAMediaOnline and my alternative @DA1CBiz ... Please FOLLOW & tell your friends!!! :)