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Wednesday, July 8


Meet DONNIE! named after the BEST POTUS of my lifetime! 

He's not feeling very well right now cause he had his 1st shot yesterday. I've had him for a couple weeks now. We've really bonded & I can tell he's not acting like himself. Please keep him in prayer!

And we need to PRAY FOR THE REAL DON!!!

I receive so many spiritual attacks daily ... I can only imagine what our Anointed & Chosen POTUS faces on a daily basis. Let's keep our President in prayer, guys. Let's also pray for ALL our Public Servants, even if we don't like them! Pray for them to have a change of heart and turn to Yashua, The Only Begotten Son of God!

God bless you! God bless Trump & America!

### UPDATE 05/15/2021 ### 

He just turned 1 year old last month on April 10th and he's grown to really take after The DON and LIVE UP TO THE NAME! He's a cocky little punk always testing me with his little attitude, but I LOVE HIM!!! He's my baby!