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Friday, September 17

Today I Am 37 Years Old and The Old Man Is Officially Six-Feet Under

Yes! Today is my Birthday. I turned 37 today, having been born in 1984 like the Guerrilla Journalist, James O'Keefe (shoutouts Brother ... love what you do!) ... 

But, anyway, it's NOT JUST my BDay. It's also another very important anniversary. I have also been 6 years sober as of today by the Grace of God Almighty! 

I wish to share this emotional video with you from my YT Channel. I used to watch this while I was drinking. I would just cry out to God. I had the desire to stop drinking, but I didn't have the power within me. I never gave up this HOPE however. It was always end me to keep trying. 


I lost everything. I was so lost in the booze I was drinking nearly a gallon of hard liquor by myself PER DAY! I was admitted to Behavioral Units & Short Term Rehabs OVER 20 TIMES. I lost count! I just couldn't shake it. 

I got mixed up in the dark side of life, and looking back, I know God was definitely looking out for me every step of the way. It took complete surrender and a mighty touch from The Holy Ghost. 

My Pastor laid hands on me and I fell out in The Spirit. It was the first time this had ever happened to me. Even though I had been a Christian Believer most of my life, I never really experienced the Power of God like this before that day! It made a dramatic impact on me, and I believe HE began transforming me on the inside going forth until a couple of months later I decided to go to a long term facility for the first time. 

It was like Boot Camp for 10 months with intensive behavioral therapy. 

People have always told me that I'm very intelligent but recently also very wise for my age. I believe this is cause I've faced so many struggles and already conquered so many demons in my life. The more trials you face, the more lessons you will learn. 


Today, I use my gifts from God to bless others with my Independent Media Operation & Prophetic End Times Ministry: ETERNAL AFFAIRS MEDIA

As of today, I'm available for interviews.  

The best ways of contacting me are via this link:

or on Skype at 'THE1CBIZ

or you can email me at: WatchmanCBiz(at)

God bless You. Never Give Up.