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Sunday, November 14

Suspended on Linkedin Today: This Is My Open Letter - Cease & Desist


Linkedin decided to join in on the Big tech "fun" and target me for suspension over something I have no clue what for ... and regardless it couldn't have been bad enough to suspend my entire account. I've been using Linkedin a lot more here lately to do business networking for (EA) Eternal Affairs TRUTH Media. We all know that Big tech doesn't like the TRUTH! This is why I have been targeted and harassed by almost every platform since I founded the independent media outlet & end times ministry 12 years ago. I'm tolerating no longer. Something has to be done! It's sickening what they do to people and their livelihoods. I had over a 1 Million Follower Social Reach at one time, but got hit over and over. They beat you down, and YES! I earned $$$ as an Influencer so I would say I have a good case. They don't like the TRUTH and its SICK & EVIL. It has to stop! 

This is my letter to Linkedin. I am requesting that they re-instate my account without me having to go further, but I will if I have to: