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Thursday, May 26

Died Once and Met God, Nearly Died 35 More Times, Prolific Author & Storyteller Rex “Hawk” Barton and His Six Published Books

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Thursday, May 26, 2022

Almost 78, Died once and met God… Rex “Hawk” Barton has quite a story to tell, and he covers that across Six Published Books found on along with Book Trailers on Each Book Plus Two Screen Plays.

Yes, you Heard Right, Rex “Hawk” Barton Died once, was revived, and nearly killed 35 more times. The Natural Question is Why Did God Intervene?

Hawk Served in the Cold War Era 1962 – 1967 in Berlin Germany. He has many exciting stories to tell, and his thrilling books, Fiction based on Fact as well as Non-fiction, explain everything.

Rex “Hawk” Barton is now a fulltime writer reflecting back over his Adventurous Life and all the experiences that he survived. He wishes to share these Stories with YOU the reader.

Rex has many more manuscripts to launch this year, along with the SIX books now on his new website.

You can order “Broken Spirit” Book One (a continuing series which was showcased on The New York Times Book List), “In The Eye Of The Hawk” Book One and “In The Eye Of The Hawk” Book Two Series (again showcased on The New York Times), “The Mongoose Diaries”, “Panga Wars”, and Non-Fiction “Truth Be Told”.

You can order Rex ‘Hawk” Barton’s books on his Freshly, Redesigned website at: 

or you can grab them from Amazon, or your Favorite Bookstore.