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Saturday, September 17

Praising & Glorifying God for Another Year Alive & Sober ...

Hurray! I made it to 38 years young, and 7 years sober by the Grace of God!!!  

7 years ago, before a major encounter with GOD ALMIGHTY! I was lost in the bottle. I tried over and over and couldn't do it alone! I lost count at over 15-20 locked up in (short-term) rehabs and mental institutions by the age of 30! When I was 31, a Pastor of mine laid hands on me (in my living room while I was drunk), and I had my first VERY REAL experience WITH THE HOLY GHOST! I haven't been the same since! I followed up with 10 months of intensive, longterm rehab, but nonetheless it was GOD that really did it for me! Even when I was lost in the bottle (and hooked on Benzo Anxiety Meds), I never gave up calling out to Him, to save me from the addiction (and lifestyle that I lived). I just couldn't kick it no matter how much I tried over and over! 

I had so many ❤ people praying for me, in whom I eternally grateful for!!! 

I'm not where I want to be, but I THANK GOD I'M NOT WHERE I USED TO BE!!! 🙌