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Tuesday, November 22

God Is Cleaning House (Including Every Industry and Sect of Society)



God is cleaning house.


I'm talking about everywhere including every industry and sect of society.


I had a dream. A very unique, strange dream where I woke up feeling different than usual.

Like something had broke in the atmosphere. Like a breakthrough.


Considering my past with mental institutions and rehabs, I often dream about them oppressing me. They are never good dreams, but this was a good one. The first good one I had regarding these circumstances (walking into an institution).


I was NOT going as a client or patient (also signifying my personal growth), but I was going into the rehab for some other unrelated business. was NOT going to be staying. some temporary paperwork or something to deliver. (entirely different than all my past dreams.).


There were about 3 Black (African American) security guards with black pants and two-toned blue and black polo type shirt (uniform).


I was immediately charged at aggressively by an overly aggressive security guard.

It was clear he was out of line, cause I didn't do anything to provoke him, and his colleagues were looking at him like he was nuts.


He almost got himself shot (cause, yes I was 'carrying'), but he didn't even notice that. he had an issue with something else I honestly don't know what. he was just 'out of line' from the get-go.


Well anyway, a bit later in the dream cause I met with the "big boss" in his office which had an 'open door' (which is symbolic of the entire feeling I felt during the dream that there was more freedom and less oppression. these offices treated you like family.) anyway (God has a sense of humor). The "big boss" was DON SHIPLEY from that Fake Military Men YT channel. Haha. and he was just laughing at the situation, but in a good way.


He told me they fired him and he doesn’t know what he deal was.

The entire dream after that, I had to meet with a lot of higher ups at the offices.


I've previously had dreams about navigating office buildings and its always so OPPRESSIVE and WITH A LOT OF HEADACHE AND RED TAPE.


but this was DIFFERENT. there was so much FREEDOM AND FRIENDLINESS.

I felt like I was in a little town where everyone was FAMILY and WILLING TO HELP.


everything worked out, and the low-level security guard was fired.


I prayed about this dream, and God tells me that this is symbolic of how God is cleaning out every industry including offices and every industry in our society.


Less Oppression! More Freedom! More Love! Where We Go One We Go All! FAMILY!


This is the time to start pulling your $ out of every company that doesn't align with your values, and investing in God's parallel economy. Soon, the parallel economy will takeover and be the mainstream!


This will natural clean house from the top to bottom, with God's help!