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Friday, August 18

Biblical Truth: 'An Eye For An Eye' in The New Testament


God has spoken to me, and I'd like to make the argument that "an eye for an eye" has NOT been done away with.

Now hear me out ... this comes from The Spirit of The Lord.

There has been a change with The New Covenant of Jesus Christ. ONE simple change, but a HUGE one, that entirely transforms how this "an eye for an eye" principle works.

Instead of you repaying your enemies, God repays you!!!

For what you do or speak, God will bring about these fruits in your life.

We do NOT call it "karma" for that is a Counterfeit of a Biblical Principle, which already existed in The Bible. It is real BUT it is NOT some buddhist principle. the enemy has come to "steal kill and destroy" and he does this to God's Christian Principles that were 1st written in the pages of The Bible ... if you'd only read and pray to have understanding.

It is Biblical that what you sow you will harvest. If you are about the things of the world, you will gather ashes and dust, however if you are about the things of God's Kingdom, you will produce life and life abundantly through Christ Jesus.

The Bible states that "power is in the tongue" both "death and life".

God repays your enemies and He repays you! in EVERY WAY!

Therefore "an eye for an eye" ... the basic principle itself has NOT been done away with. It has only changed from giving what you receiving to receiving what you give. Let me say that again.

Instead of:
- giving what you receive
it has changed to
- receiving what you give

God repays!!! The wonderful news about this is He repays with interest!!! or I guess not so "wonderful" if you are sowing evil!!! 

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