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Friday, March 29

DREAM: When Hope Looks Lost, Look For The Secret Door ... That Leads To JESUS!!!

Happy Good Friday ... Yes! I said "happy" because WE KNOW SUNDAY IS COMING and we have the victory in Him!

I wish to share with you a dream I had in 2022. It's very relevant to TODAY ...

Calm In The Storm

A great tusnami was headed toward the building I was in. It was in a skyscraper and I saw only one way to escape. going up in the elevator. But as I started pushing the buttons trying to get it to work, I was being yelled out saying "that wont work. it will overload the system. dont do that". this was being said by someone in authority.
many people were yelling and screaming and running.

then out of nowhere, the lady that was yelling at me opened a huge backdoor and to my surprise it was nothing but beautiful dry land and no threat of a tsunami.

When hope looks lost, we must look to Jesus. He's the only way!

It may seem like all hope is lost, but at the last moment, God will prove there is HIS WAY WHICH IS SO MUCH BETTER AND WILL PROVIDE ESCAPE!

This is GOD'S MESSAGE to all of us today!

Have faith in HIM! He IS The Way!

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