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Tuesday, December 15

Media Operation & End Times Ministry HIRING 2021 VOLUNTEERS


Eternal Affairs Media is seeking volunteers who are passionate about The Truth regardless of how controversial it is, and have the time and skills to invest our media operation & online ministry. 

Positions 2021: 

Content Planner
Investigative Journalists/Writers
Radio Host / Personality / Reporters
Social Media Mods & Promoters "Advocates" and "Ambassadors" 
Associate Editor
Asst. Publisher
Video Producer / Video Editing
Asst. Radio Producer / Podcast Editing
Website/tech Help/webmaster


Sunday, December 13

Still Timely: Prophetic Word Given by Ray Biselliano ~ Eternal Affairs Media ~ Reminder God Is With Us

I had a very interesting, weird dream involving JFK and a major battle being fought in the spiritual realm among patriots (when I lied down praying and eventually fell asleep for 3 hours this morning). 

No, I’m not saying “JFK is alive on earth”. STOP thinking with your carnal mind! This is a time to develop spiritually! HE IS ALIVE SOMEWHERE! 

Things appear uncertain in the carnal world right now, and God is testing our faith, but rest assured that things are going EXACTLY AS PLANNED in the spiritual realms! This is the time to rise and show Him, Our King of Kings, that we will believe in His word regardless of what the carnal world says or how things appear like during this temporary season. 

“For we walk by faith & not by sight” ~ 2 Corinthians 5:7 

I want to remind you that … 

God is with us. As I’ve been saying for months: Things will get grossly worse before it gets any better, but it WILL get better! Both “doom & gloom” prophecies (at least some) as well as “prosperity” prophecies can be true in different seasons! This takes spiritual eyes to see & understand! 
Don’t just listen to a one sided story. 

This is a time for BOTH good and bad, but ultimately for good to prevail over the bad. Yes! a massive spiritual war of Biblical proportions is going on right now, but it’s not as much as it is a fight for only America BUT FOR YOUR OWN SOUL as well! If you don’t know Jesus, now is the time! 

Justice will prevail onto those with corrupt hearts. It’s the time to examine our own hearts and make sure we’re right with Him, and not just keep pointing the finger at others. and It’s also a time for many blessings and favor for God’s people. He is right now beginning to pour out His Spirit among all flesh. 

“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.” ~ Joel 2:28

These are the end times! Are you excited? Revelations is being played out right before our eyes. Could all that we’ve been fighting for go deeper than the Soul of Our Nation but the salvation, sanctification & glorification of OUR OWN SOULS!? 

He’s trying you in the fire, Patriot, but He’s right there in the fire with you! You will not be burned as long as you maintain your faith in HIM and HIM ALONE! 

“Then Nebuchadnezzar the king was astonished, and rose up in haste, and spake, and said unto his counsellors, Did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire? They answered and said unto the king, True, O king. He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.” ~ Daniel 3:24-25


The world says one thing but GOD’s Word says another, and I believe Brother Kim Clement’s Prophecies regarding Trump having “2 terms”. 
God is making it look one way so He can strengthen our faith in Him! don’t you see that? It’s time to work on “us”. 

“And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.” ~ Luke 9:23

Are YOU ALIVE within your SOUL during this fight or are you dead inside? Do you have peace to withstand the pressures of this crazy world? Will you go to Heaven and be with The Lord when your carnal body passes away? Now is the TIME to accept Jesus (Yeshua) The Christ as your Personal Savior and The King of your life! don’t keep putting it off! make that decision today. He loves you & cares for you more than imaginable!

*** This was originally published on Eternal Affairs Media ***

Thursday, September 17

5 Years Sober By The Grace of GOD!!!

Today is my #Birthday and I am 5 years #Sober today! PRAISE YAHUA!

Wednesday, July 8


Meet DONNIE! named after the BEST POTUS of my lifetime! 

He's not feeling very well right now cause he had his 1st shot yesterday. I've had him for a couple weeks now. We've really bonded & I can tell he's not acting like himself. Please keep him in prayer!

And we need to PRAY FOR THE REAL DON!!!

I receive so many spiritual attacks daily ... I can only imagine what our Anointed & Chosen POTUS faces on a daily basis. Let's keep our President in prayer, guys. Let's also pray for ALL our Public Servants, even if we don't like them! Pray for them to have a change of heart and turn to Yashua, The Only Begotten Son of God!

God bless you! God bless Trump & America!

### UPDATE 05/15/2021 ### 

He just turned 1 year old last month on April 10th and he's grown to really take after The DON and LIVE UP TO THE NAME! He's a cocky little punk always testing me with his little attitude, but I LOVE HIM!!! He's my baby!

Friday, April 10

"Darnkess" - Light at The End of The Tunnel - HE IS RISEN - Easter 2020 - Letter From Trump

Although we are in the midst of a challenging time in History, I am Confident that We, The American People, and The Global Population will rise above this setback and come out at the end of the tunnel. I see the light in Jesus! Use this time to reflect on GOD in your life. Allow Him in your heart,, if you will, and allow Him to move your soul with compassion! Pray for our Leaders (Public Servants) such as President Trump who is really just a good man trying to save his country from the EVIL DARKNESS THAT HAS INVADED OUR LAND! PRAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE! and WE SHALL PREVAIL! 

God bless you Mr. President, your family & This GREAT Nation that we both love so dearly! 

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! I'm praying for you and yours during this troublesome time!

We will make it through and see THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. 

Here is the LATEST from my outlet, Eternal Affairs Media! 

and I have to give a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Trump for sending me a personalized, email response after I wrote him several times recently. This man truly cares for you! Please stop bashing him & pray for him instead! 

P.S. Followers, My MAIN Twitter @WatchmanCBiz caught a 7-day ban the other day. I think I'm about 2 or 3 days in. I'm using our outlet's twitter @EAMediaOnline and my alternative @DA1CBiz ... Please FOLLOW & tell your friends!!! :)

Sunday, December 15

Merry Christmas 2019 ... Gift Ideas For That Special Man In Your Life!

I hope & pray each and every one of you has a Beautifully, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020 ...


If you're looking for an AMAZING last minute gift for that special "Handsome Man" in your life, I just partnered up with #HandsomeMan as an Affiliate. You can check out there whole collection of #MensGifts at my link & you'll also be supporting my Truth Ministry Eternal Affairs Media.

Check out Handsome Man's latest products here:

Friday, September 6

Follow @GeorgePapa19

I am honored that my Italian American Brethren, George Papdopoulas has decided to follow me. Go follow him over at @GeorgePapa19 on Twitter. You can find me at @WatchmanCBiz ... BTW: This blog site really needs to be updated! Its been years since an update! Coming soon I hope, if I can find the time! God speed, Soldiers! #Onward Curtis "Ray Biselliano" Bizelli

 ### UPDATE 05/15/2021 ### 

Jack has hit about 15 of my Twitter Accounts I had all for different reasons (many business accounts). Anyway, I no longer have @WatchmanCBiz either. Somehow I've managed to keep my @DreamsPublicity handle alive, now! AT LEAST FOR NOW! Jack likes pasta on dominoes! ;) 

Friday, August 17

New Primary Twitter Handle For Curt Bizelli (Curtis R Bizelli) Watchman of The End Times

New Primary Twitter Handle For Curt Bizelli (Curtis R Bizelli) Watchman of The End Times easy to remember!

Tuesday, January 16

The Armor of God Today!

ARE YOU ALLOWING STRIFE, DEPRESSION, OPPRESSION, ANGER, FEAR & DEFEAT TO TAKE CONTROL??????? THE DEVIL IS LIKE A ROARING LION...SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR.... JUST WAITING TO CATCH YOU WITH YOUR GUARD DOWN!! HAVE YOU PUT YOUR ARMOR ON TODAY??? The Lord Is Our Strong Tower...And He Has Given Us The Weapons "THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD" To Tear Down The Works Of The Enemy And Bring The Powers Of Darkness Underneath Our Feet. PRAYER OF WARFARE! Ephesians 6 Holy and precious Lord! This is your day and we rejoice in it. I thank you that we are the head and not the tail; above and not beneath, we are the victors, not the victims. We submit our minds, our wills and emotions to you Lord, and you direct our every thought, word and deed. I thank you Lord! That we wrestle not against flesh and blood…but against powers and principalities, and the evil forces of this world. Therefore we stand boldly against the wiles of the devil, dressed in The Full Armor Of God. We have the Belt of Truth girded about our waist…We know the Truth and the Truth sets us free. Our Feet Are Shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace…We walk each step today in the God's Peace, which is the Anchor to our soul. We put on the Breastplate of Righteousness… for we are the Righteousness of Christ. We are like trees, planted beside Living Water, and our roots grow deep. We take our Shield of Faith, which is multisided, pointing to the North, South, East and West, and we quench Every Dart of the enemy. We strap our Helmet of Salvation on, for we have the Mind of Christ; our minds are renewed daily by the washing of the water of God's Word. Above all we take our Sword, which is the Living, Active, Powerful, WORD OF GOD, sharp and piercing, even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow… discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart… Praying Always In The Spirit. I thank you Lord that we meditate daily on God’s Word; being careful to do all that is written; for then our way is made prosperous and we have great success. I thank you Lord! That you are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and We Worship You! We Exalt You! We Give You ALL THE GLORY… in all that we do and say. In Jesus Holy, Powerful and Matchless Name! Amen! SUBSCRIBE TO INSIDER UPDATES:

Tuesday, January 9

The Billary Pedogate Paradigm - EA Truth Radio Syndication

I am at war against pedophile elites in high up government and hollywood! I give major props to my friends like Liz Crokin who are taking on these satanic bastards. Jesus is the only hope but Trump is trying too! FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT! ;-) 

Please WATCH before it gets taken down … LIKE & Share We must stand for the innocent children because they can't stand for themselves!


Thursday, October 12

My First EBook - Survival Items To Stock Up On Now!

I've updated this blog tremendously. Thank you for visiting.
I'd like to offer you a FREE 6-page eBook I wrote - My very first one! and it outlines The Top 50 Survival Items You Need To Stock Up On Now!


God bless your success,
Curt Bizelli

Saturday, June 4

RIP Ali God bless his family

Muhammad Ali dies at age 74 after long battle with Parkinson's disease  -via ESPN

Sunday, April 17

STL CARDINALS back at it this year

FINAL MLB: CIN 3 vs STL 4  -via ESPN

Monday, June 29

Social Media MADNESS!

Hey Rockstar

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Do me a FAVOR, and if you gain something good out of this, leave a comment and share with a colleague! :-) You'll make me VERY HAPPY :-)

God Bless Your Success ~ Spirit of Faith ~ Man of Action!


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Sunday, July 27

The TV Is Brainwashing You: The Truth About Cannabis and Hemp!

The TV Is Brainwashing You: The Truth About Cannabis and Hemp!

We all know they’re lies on TV, but to what extent do they go. To some they go to such a degree as literally brainwashing / hypnotizing you into a dream state (and WE WILL SHOW EXAMPLES). The dream state allows subliminal messages to be inserted into your mind so you’ll believe Barack Obama is a good man and doing the best he can for the country.

He is really an illegal alien set out to kill us all. (and its not too far fetched according to the official Bildgerbergs) WATCH VIDEO BY FORMER GOVERNER JESSE VENTURA

The elite / banker group of families that rule the world such as Rothchilds / Rockefellers, etc. meet very often to discuss behind our backs what will happen in the world.

In 1913 The Federal Reserve was birthed from these families, the first ever private bank to be tied in with the government which is illegal according to our US constitution.

OH YEAH! Speaking of our US Constitution that you learned about in  elementary school Throw it out the window, because they don’t believe in it anymore. They wan to do away with God, Freedom of Speech, Right to Bear Arm, 4th Amendment and so on … that’s why you see the TSA doing what it does.

But let’s get on topic, We’re talking about Cannabis and Hemp! (sorry)

The government won’t tell you that Hemp is NOT marijuana which it isn’t. Hemp is NOT illegal. There is a compound called CBD which is medically beneficial found in Cannabis plant that is perfectly legal in all 50 states. Bet you didn’t know this?

You can order it right HERE!

Its really known to treat epilepsy, depression, cancer, anxiety, insomnia and other disorders.

Hemp can save the planet because it takes up less space to grow and can be used as FUEL. NO MORE OIL WARS!

Why doesn’t  the government tell you this? Why doesn’t the TV Anchor Tell you this? The government owns the TV outlets by the way. Its all a corporation used to spy on you.

Get out of the grid as quickly as possible in as many means as possible.


God bless,
Curt Bizelli

Curt Bizelli, Publicist
Manifest Your Dreams Strategic Communicatinos
615-336-1456 (bookmark this website coming soon!)

Friday, July 18

Seeking Media Placement - Mouse Races To Benefit Karrie Bizelli With ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease) July 18th at Moose Lodge, St. Charles, MO


Mouse Races To Benefit Karrie Bizelli With ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

Mouse Races to benefit Karrie Bizelli
Moose Lodge
2705 Veterans Memorial
St Charles, MO 63303

Friday, July 18, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Central US)

(St. Charles, MO) - July 17, 2014 - Karrie Arcobasso Bizelli was diagnosed with ALS last spring, recently she has been accepted into a stem cell trial at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  Friends, Family members and the Moose Lodge are hosting a Mouse Race benefit and silent auction to help assist with transportation costs for the weekly visits to the Mayo Clinic.

FURTHER INFORMATION - Karrie fell in her bathroom on July 16, 2014 and had to be rushed into the ER by her husband Matt Bizelli. He states they placed two staples in her head and she appears to be “okay and the event will go forward”.

Matt Bizelli says, “We’ll be leaving for Minnesota they day after the Mouse Races.”

Karrie Arcobasso is a Mother of Two Beautiful Girls and Two Stepchildren, The youngest of 8 years old. It has not been easy on her nor the family battling this disease. it’s a relief that there are people out their in this cold world that will still answer the call and lend a helping hand. IT’S A BLESSING.

“Your kindness and generosity will aid Karrie battling this crippling disease. We thank you for your love, support and prayers as we strive to help Karrie and others suffering from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).”

The tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite for only $20.00 per person.



Curt Bizelli, Online PR Representative, Publicist

Matt’s Business -

Wednesday, March 12

Official Trademark Brand: Your Legal HEMP Dealer ™

I've decided on my business brand name being a Kannaway IBO in which is a HEMP LIFESTYLE company with cutting edge CBD Rich Hemp Oil Products. Find out how myself and my team are launching our own revolutionary brand under the trademarked brand, "Your Legal Hemp Dealer" on Facebook at:


UPDATE: I receive my CBD Rich Hemp VAP Pen in via Fedex yesterday.

hemp vap photo

It is slick and smooth, does NOT make me cough one bit and is tasty like strawberries & cream. Leaves no order and does NOT get you high. Order yours by joining the Pre Launch until April 1st at Go to the same URL to inquire about *more information* enter your email and we'll email you more information!

:-) Happy Vaping! Your Legal Hemp Dealer, Curt Bizelli 615-336-1456 skype: the1cbiz Remember to LIKE the page:

P.S. If you don't know the benefits of CBD Rich Hemp Oil, Google "CBD" !!!


Monday, September 2

Its been awhile ... 5 Top Qualities Of A Successful Blogger

... sorry for the late post ... I've been posting on my other sites and spending a lot of time recuperating from doctor appointments. :-/ GOD BLESS THIS POST! Leave your comments and tag me! 5 Top Qualities Of A Successful Blogger If you want to own a blog that drives massive volumes of traffic to your website, there are certain qualities that you should have. Outlined in this article are the qualities which you must have if you want to be a successful blogger. A serious blogger is hardworking. As you know, you need to write content for your blog regularly. This means that you will need to do some writing, which requires some effort. You can’t generate huge volumes of traffic to your blog and website if you are lazy and are not prepared to spend some time writing your content. If you have some funds, you can hire a ghostwriter to write your blog content. One way or another, some effort or resources are required to prepare your blog content. A successful blogger is resourceful and full of ideas. It is important for your blog to be captivating, useful and interesting so that you have regular visitors as well as new visitors. You must therefore think about ways of making your blog unique and appealing to your visitors. Think about the needs and interests of people in your niche and identify what your visitors would like to see on your blog. A successful blogger looks for all the opportunities to make money from the blog. There are many ways through which you can make money on your blog. You can sell your own products and services, you can sell affiliate products and you can sell some advertising space. If your blog gets high volume of traffic, you can make a lot of money with your blog. A serious blogger looks for ways to drive traffic to the website. You can exchange traffic with other blogs and websites in the same niche. This is particularly effective if these websites have high popularity rank as this will in turn help to increase your blog and website ranking. A successful blogger never gives up. It takes time and effort to drive traffic to your blog or website and start making some sales. Consistent blogging is therefore essential. Never give up. If you have these five qualities discussed above, you can be a successful blogger, generate high volumes of traffic and make huge online profits. Stop by by my main blogs at: and If you'd like to connect with me on social media, visit these sites. They have links to my Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

Thursday, March 21

What is the quickest way to drive traffic to website or blog?

What is the "quickest" way to drive traffic to website or blog? I've been specializing in this for a few years now, and keep in mind I'm not talking about the "best quality", etc. I'm talking about "plain and simple: QUICKEST" ... Its NOT advertising even though some would consider it a form of advertising, and its surely not social media or public relations. Its NOT even Tribes which hold their importance in the internet marketing game. What I came here to discuss with you are Traffic Exchanges. NOW WAIT! They are not like they used to be in the past. They have evolved into a great way to not only drive INSTANT traffic (increase Alexa Rank), they also hold a social appeal where you can network with other users. If that's NOT COOL ENOUGH, you can start for FREE and earn Free Website Visits (credits) by gaining referrals! Check one of MY FAVORITES HERE: Feel free to connect with me here on Google Plus or on Skype: the1cbiz if you have any questions, in addition you can connect with me on Facebook at or I pray I've helped you increase your traffic today. GOD BLESS! Curt "CBiz" Bizelli