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God Is Cleaning House (Including Every Industry and Sect of Society)

    God is cleaning house.   I'm talking about everywhere including every industry and sect of society.   I had a dream. A ve...

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Sunday, April 2

"Anymore" - Poem by Curtis Ray Bizelli

April is #NationalPoetryMonth. I've had over 200 poems published and garnered many awards since I was a child! I have NOT written any in OVER A DECADE, but I'm sharing my old ones now!!! 
All poems written 2007 & prior ... 



Very early I woke up that morning

to make breakfast for you and I

I went in your bedroom to wake you up

and then I began to cry


There you were

lying on your bed

No,No It couldn’t be

not dead


Early and rainy the following day

I saw you there lying down to rest

I looked at you, said Goodbye

and then laid a flower on your chest


Late that night I saw you there

standing at my door

confused and scared

I told you that you didn’t have to worry about me anymore                            

Monday, March 6

Praise In Peace Brother Doug Deneve, CEO of When Magazine

I found out last night that my very 1st business business partner (in my early arrogant 20's) music city mentor (introduced me to many credible contacts), good friend (always there for me to encourage and pray) and Brother in Christ, DOUG DENEVE passed away in 2022. He was the inspiration for ETERNAL AFFAIRS MEDIA, and taught me a lot of what I know. We lost touch over the last several years. I tried finding him with no avail, but his family got in touch with me and told me the news. I am saddened for the lost of a Brother. You will truly be missed, Doug! You inspired me!!! May your MEMORY long be lived in ETERNAL AFFAIRS MEDIA!!!


Tuesday, February 28

Test To Determine Your SPIRITUAL GIFTS ~ This Is My Results + Link

Interesting 85 question Test to determine your Spiritual Gifts ... rather accurate ...

My Top 5 are "Wisdom, Discernment, Knowledge, Teaching and Prophecy" 

Check it out! Pretty cool!
The Spiritual Gifts Test 

Monday, December 12

Sunday & Wednesday Services Offered at Calvary Bible Church in Portland, Oregon




Sunday & Wednesday Services Offered at Calvary Bible Church in Portland, Oregon


Come love God & People with us …


(Portland, OR) – December 12, 2022 – A 100-year-old non-Denominational (once upon a time = Baptist) Church located in Portland, Oregon is welcoming you to join them for Sunday & Wednesday services.

Calvary Bible Church is a Non-Denominational, Bible-Based church focused on loving Jesus, and secondly, loving people. You are welcome.

Calvary Bible Church is mission-minded, focused on the mission of preaching the gospel of Jesus for the world to hear.

If you love great worship, or want to come and enjoy the music, they are most definitely not a dead church either, very much alive in Jesus, you may describe as “Bapticostal”.

Having authored books such as “12 Life Changing Steps”, “Ask JESUS”, and “Always with You”, … the Pastor James Doss’ teaching & preaching is RELEVANT TO CURRENT TIMES, and surely be something YOUR HEART WILL CONNECT WITH.

If you live in Oregon or nearby, come join one of the services:

CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE at 7pm on Dec. 24th

And every …

Sunday at 11am

Wednesday at 7pm

Learn more on The Official Website at:


Connect on Facebook at:



Wednesday, December 7

Timely Prophetic Dream: When There Seems NO WAY TO ESCAPE ... GOD!!!


I had a dream last night I wish to share.

A great tusnami was headed toward the building I was in. It was in a skyscraper and I saw only one way to escape. going up in the elevator. But as I started pushing the buttons trying to get it to work, I was being yelled out saying "that wont work. it will overload the system. dont do that". this was being said by someone in authority.
many people were yelling and screaming and running.

then out of nowhere, the lady that was yelling at me opened a huge backdoor and to my surprise it was nothing but beautiful dry land and no threat of a tsunami.

When hope looks lost, we must look to Jesus. He's the only way!

It may seem like all hope is lost, but at the last moment, God will prove there is HIS WAY WHICH IS SO MUCH BETTER AND WILL PROVIDE ESCAPE!

This is GOD'S MESSAGE to all of us today!

Have faith in HIM! He IS The Way!