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Monday, September 18

Do You Feel Emotionally Safe? … 7 Simple Ways to Prioritize Your Self-Care and Become Emotionally Safe


Do You Feel Emotionally Safe? … 7 Simple Ways to Prioritize Your Self-Care and Become Emotionally Safe


Do you feel emotionally safe?

(New Jersey, NJ) – September 18, 2023 - Poonam Bhuchar has an amazing story to tell about how she survived sexual assault, attempted suicide and so much more.

In her book Safe from the Pain she chronicles her life challenges and offers relevant advice on others can overcome them as well. 

Safe From The Pain - Self Care Book


This is much needed in our current society where so many more young women as well as men are facing these life struggles and don’t know where to turn. They need guidance from someone who has been there.

In Poonam’s book now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, as well as in audio version (narrated by herself) on Audible, you’ll read all about these topics & more:

Surviving sexual assault, attempted suicide, and an arranged marriage is one thing. Processing all that pain so you can live a full life after is something entirely different. In the shadows of emotional pain, survival can take priority over healing. Peace and empowerment after trauma are possible—when you embrace your pain as part of you. After trauma, Poonam Bhuchar reemerged as a survivor and reclaimed her power. Part memoir, part self-help revelation, this inspiring story and the transformational SAFE Method will guide you into the light of a prosperous, happy life.


FREE Download!7 Simple Ways to Prioritize Your Self-Care and Become Emotionally Safe


In addition to the book, she offers courses, and is available for speaking arrangements. In particular, she specializes in “burn out in the corporate world, suicide, and emotional wellbeing in colleges.”




Poonam Bhuchar



Friday, August 18

Biblical Truth: 'An Eye For An Eye' in The New Testament


God has spoken to me, and I'd like to make the argument that "an eye for an eye" has NOT been done away with.

Now hear me out ... this comes from The Spirit of The Lord.

There has been a change with The New Covenant of Jesus Christ. ONE simple change, but a HUGE one, that entirely transforms how this "an eye for an eye" principle works.

Instead of you repaying your enemies, God repays you!!!

For what you do or speak, God will bring about these fruits in your life.

We do NOT call it "karma" for that is a Counterfeit of a Biblical Principle, which already existed in The Bible. It is real BUT it is NOT some buddhist principle. the enemy has come to "steal kill and destroy" and he does this to God's Christian Principles that were 1st written in the pages of The Bible ... if you'd only read and pray to have understanding.

It is Biblical that what you sow you will harvest. If you are about the things of the world, you will gather ashes and dust, however if you are about the things of God's Kingdom, you will produce life and life abundantly through Christ Jesus.

The Bible states that "power is in the tongue" both "death and life".

God repays your enemies and He repays you! in EVERY WAY!

Therefore "an eye for an eye" ... the basic principle itself has NOT been done away with. It has only changed from giving what you receiving to receiving what you give. Let me say that again.

Instead of:
- giving what you receive
it has changed to
- receiving what you give

God repays!!! The wonderful news about this is He repays with interest!!! or I guess not so "wonderful" if you are sowing evil!!! 

You have the opportunity to plant a seed in my 13-year Truthful Media Ministry today ... Click Here!

Tuesday, June 20

Filmmaker Mike Hyzy Sheds Light on the Opioid Crisis in "Prevention Through Engagement"




Filmmaker Mike Hyzy Sheds Light on the Opioid Crisis in "Prevention Through Engagement"

Prevention Through Engagement Film - Production Still



Chicago, IL - June 20, 2023 - Acclaimed filmmaker and author Mike Hyzy announces the release of his latest documentary, "Prevention Through Engagement," a compelling exploration of the opioid crisis and the transformative power of community-focused solutions. This thought-provoking film delves into the devastating impact of fentanyl, a deadly synthetic opioid, while highlighting the inspiring work of social enterprise Warp Corps in combating addiction, homelessness, and suicide.


"Prevention Through Engagement" is the culmination of Mike Hyzy's passion for storytelling, social entrepreneurship, and his personal experience with the tragic toll of addiction and suicide. Through this documentary, Hyzy aims to not only raise awareness about the opioid crisis but also inspire action and change.


As the part of Crisp! Mobile Grocery, the groundbreaking startup that revolutionized SNAP acceptance for grocery delivery, turns his creative focus to filmmaking, utilizing his skills to shed light on societal problems and amplify the voices of those affected.


Warp Corps, the subject of "Prevention Through Engagement," is a social enterprise based in Woodstock, Illinois. They employ a unique model that combines business and social impact, utilizing the proceeds from their sales of skateboards, coffee, and custom apparel to fund initiatives that combat addiction, homelessness, and mental health challenges. The film showcases Warp Corps as an exemplary community-driven organization that provides a blueprint for other social entrepreneurs seeking to make a difference.


Through interviews, personal stories, and compelling visuals, "Prevention Through Engagement" humanizes the opioid crisis, breaks down misconceptions, and highlights the urgency of addressing this pressing issue. The film emphasizes the power of community, resilience, and the potential for business to serve as a catalyst for social change.


"As a director and a social entrepreneur, my goal with 'Prevention Through Engagement' is to inspire action. To show that businesses can be a platform for social change. To show that with innovative thinking, we can find solutions within our reach. This film is a call to action for anyone who believes in the power of community and the potential for business to make a difference." - Mike Hyzy, Filmmaker and Author


"Prevention Through Engagement" offers a unique perspective on the opioid crisis, combining the artistry of filmmaking with a deep understanding of the social and economic factors at play. By sharing his personal journey and highlighting the remarkable work of Warp Corps, Mike Hyzy compels viewers to confront the crisis, challenge preconceptions, and take action.


For more information about "Prevention Through Engagement" and Mike Hyzy's work, please visit:


Website: (Social Enterprise and Film)

Film Website:



Mike Hyzy, Filmmaker and Author