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Sunday, December 3

Revival in The Midst of THE STORM ... A Dream

Revival in The Midst of THE STORM ... A Dream I had last week and already shared on Social Media! 

Just had an amazing [dream] displaying the power of the Holy Spirit in these times. He's about to sweep mightily, and move so much more!


the storm is here, it is upon us!

and He is here with us!

this one will require a vid or something to explain and display the power of the spoken word

God is amazingly good all the time!!! His will be done!

#Biblical #BuckleUp

My dream was so powerful with The Holy Spirit, mighty revival was here. there was something in my dream everytime I SPOKE "The Storm". the Glory of God would fall like crazy so strong immediately EVERYTIME I SPOKE "THE STORM" TO THE POINT THAT PEOPLE WERE FALLING OUT BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST!

Tuesday, October 17

‘Family Circle’ Book Series Comes to Life by Author Amanda Umfress and TouchPoint Press




‘Family Circle’ Book Series Comes to Life by Author Amanda Umfress and TouchPoint Press

(Belden, MS, USA), October 17, 2023 – Book Author and Christian Public Speaker, Amanda Umfress has released TWO of her books in her 5-book series, Family Circle”.

They were published by TouchPoint Press.

The 1st book was “Claire St. John” released in November of 2021, and the 2nd book being “Reese Sanders” released in October of 2022.

Author Amanda Umfress is a dedicated Christian, Wife and Mother who is available for speaking engagements effective immediately.

About Claire St. John: When Claire St. John finally gets pregnant, she can hardly control her excitement. But after a painful miscarriage, she becomes consumed with an anger that jeopardizes her faith, her marriage, and her family. In a perilous journey of hardship and renewal, Family Circle imitates life with twists, turns, and revelations. 

About Reese Sanders:
Reese Sanders’ life has never been idealistic. She was adopted as a baby, and although she had loving adoptive parents, she felt a void she hoped one day to fill by finding her birth mother. When her life takes an unexpected turn and Reese is faced with needing a kidney transplant, God provides it in an unexpected way. A way that takes the life of her friend Claire but takes her on a journey to understand their connection beyond friendship. As Reese focuses on discovering her birth parents, she encounters a situation no woman ever wants. Reese is sexually assaulted. The journey to learn to live after the assault is one she doesn’t know if she will be able to complete.

Obtain a Copy of Amanda’s Latest Book in the “Family Circle” Series at:



For as long as she can remember, Amanda Umfress has loved to write. She cherishes the lure of the written word—the power to create new worlds, cultivate actuality in realms of possibility. A southerner through and through, Amanda’s writing often embraces the hospitality of the South. She was born in Mississippi and currently resides in Tennessee.

Amanda has an MBA and has worked in pharmaceutical/medical sales industry for over 15 years. When she’s not writing, Amanda spends time with her family: her husband, Jeff, their twins Allie and Harper, and their son, Logan. As a voracious reader, Amanda has fostered a love of reading in her children, and her family members are her biggest fans, providing priceless support. 

Amanda relishes the human experience, and as such, she knows that life is difficult. A passionate Christian, she hopes that her writing affords her readers a channel of repose and a cognizance that enduring faith never disappoints. Amanda relies on a pervading theme in her daily life and in her writing: “For I know the Plans I have for you” (Jeremiah 29:11). Although Family Circle is Amanda’s first novel, she has already started working on her next novel.  

Learn More About Amanda or Book Her for Speaking Engagements at:


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Curtis Bizelli


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‘Family Circle’ Book Series Comes to Life by Autho...
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Monday, September 18

Do You Feel Emotionally Safe? … 7 Simple Ways to Prioritize Your Self-Care and Become Emotionally Safe


Do You Feel Emotionally Safe? … 7 Simple Ways to Prioritize Your Self-Care and Become Emotionally Safe


Do you feel emotionally safe?

(New Jersey, NJ) – September 18, 2023 - Poonam Bhuchar has an amazing story to tell about how she survived sexual assault, attempted suicide and so much more.

In her book Safe from the Pain she chronicles her life challenges and offers relevant advice on others can overcome them as well. 

Safe From The Pain - Self Care Book


This is much needed in our current society where so many more young women as well as men are facing these life struggles and don’t know where to turn. They need guidance from someone who has been there.

In Poonam’s book now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, as well as in audio version (narrated by herself) on Audible, you’ll read all about these topics & more:

Surviving sexual assault, attempted suicide, and an arranged marriage is one thing. Processing all that pain so you can live a full life after is something entirely different. In the shadows of emotional pain, survival can take priority over healing. Peace and empowerment after trauma are possible—when you embrace your pain as part of you. After trauma, Poonam Bhuchar reemerged as a survivor and reclaimed her power. Part memoir, part self-help revelation, this inspiring story and the transformational SAFE Method will guide you into the light of a prosperous, happy life.


FREE Download!7 Simple Ways to Prioritize Your Self-Care and Become Emotionally Safe


In addition to the book, she offers courses, and is available for speaking arrangements. In particular, she specializes in “burn out in the corporate world, suicide, and emotional wellbeing in colleges.”




Poonam Bhuchar



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