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Saturday, March 5

Linkedin Has Picked a Fight They Can't Win


Talk about blatant Harassment! It's the same damn photo I've had on Linkedin for years! and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it! Linkedin is just trying to start shit! I've had it with Big Tech!


They hate & despise me cause how effective I am with the anointing God has put on me. 

They hate & despise everything good and wholesome. They are blatantly EVIL and their FALL is right around the corner, sayeth the Lord! 

Pride comes before a fall, and they have become too brazen and prideful with their harassment of people who speak The Truth. 

I've been dealing with Big Tech censorship & targeting for at least 10 years. I've been hit more than most. 

God have mercy on them! 

He will put a FINISH to this fight they have started! 


Monday, February 21

Officially Announcing Eternal Affairs Media's TRUTH PREMIUM Member's Only Section for ONLY 0.99 Cents





New Member’s Only Section on Eternal Affairs TRUTH Media’s Website

February 21, 2022 – Eternal Affairs Media & Ministries was founded in 2010 as an alternative to mainstream, fake news, propaganda media and also morphed into partial prophetic end times ministry. Eternal Affairs Media’s slogan is ‘the truth powered by The TRUTH’ with Jesus (Yeshua) The Christ being the ULTIMATE TRUTH that governs all the smaller, unsettling truths discussed on the website.

Yes, Highly Controversial Material Is Published.

Eternal Affairs Media’s MISSION STATEMENT reads:

Our first mission objective at Eternal Affairs Media is to shine a light on the unsettling truths around the globe in these end times that we live in. Remember, ‘Truth often sounds like hate’ but it’s not so we have another mission objective to ultimately change the global narrative from HATE to LOVE while serving Yeshua Messiah, The Ultimate Truth & Life.”

Truth may cut like a knife at first but in the end, it will set you free. That’s the truth.

Jesus is The Truth, The Life and The Way.

The Eternal Affairs Media website publishes a lot of controversial material that you’ll find interesting, even if you don’t agree. They encourage you to do your own research and come to your conclusions.


After 12 years of online publishing and growing credibility, Eternal Affairs Media has launched TRUTH PREMIUM for those that wish to take their support for the truth a little deeper as well as received EXCLUSIVE benefits such as:

·         See Less Ads

·         Access to More Exclusive Premium Content

·         Radio Podcast Shoutouts

·         Access to Member’s Only ‘Powered by Truth’ Community Forum

·         More benefits in the coming days

It only costs 0.99 cents per month to join, and support the truth, and you can cancel anytime.

To Learn More Visit:





Curtis Ray Bizelli 





Thursday, January 20

Attention Crypto Miners – Crypto Mining Farms – Media & Bloggers Interested In Cryptocurrency





(Haidian District, Beijing, China) - Jasminer, based in China, producing Cryptocurrency mining  products “aka” Miners that go overseas & around the globe to their customers around the world.

If you’ve ever thought about owning your very own Cryptomining machine, this company may be your answer.


Because the DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) file increase coming up, Jasminer’s engineers are currently working on an upgrade for all Jasminer X series product boards. Only customers who have purchased Jasminer X series products from the Official Website and not from partner sites will benefit from this upgrade.

Upgrading from 5GB to 10GB will cost a fee of $ 500 to $ 700, and Miners “aka” (mining equipment) will need to be sent to the company to complete the upgrade from 5GB to 10GB.

Please note that only “Miners” purchased from the Official Jasminer Store will benefit from this upgrade and not those purchased from partner websites.

They accept Pre-orders for the 10GB Version, and Batch 1 is LIMITED.

For new details and the date when this upgrade will be made available, please visit the Jasminer Website on a day by day to learn new information.

Customers can upgrade directly on the ‘Jasminer’ Official Website at:




‘JASMINER’, a brand of Sunlune, is a leading brand in the high throughput dedicated chip industry. JASMINER takes the low power consumption and high throughput as product concept, insists on exploring and innovating, and believes that science and technology create a better life. Sunlune Technology(Beijing)Co.,Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that focusing on r&d and sales of memory-computing integrated high-throughput processor, and a member of high-throughput computing Industry Alliance.



Monday, December 27

Prophetic Word 2022: RESTITUTION

God gave me a Word to share with His people. These are troubling times for many, and I know it's not easy, but the Lord Jesus said "In this world you will have trouble but I have overcome the world" (John 16:33). I've been in deep prayer, meditation and worship the past couple days! I began working on email to finally get some things done in business, but The Holy Spirit stopped me by showing up with His Amazing Glory. He spoke the word "RESTITUTION" to me. This is what is coming folks! Things may look dim, but it's always darkest before the dawn. Remember that. God is giving us RESTITUTION in 2022. This is what it means ...


  1. The act of restoring to the rightful owner something that has been taken away, lost, or surrendered.
  2. The act of making good or compensating for loss, damage, or injury; indemnification.
  3. A return to or restoration of a previous state or position.


Monday, November 29

Manifest Your Dreams Publicity ReLaunching With More Than Just Marketing & PR Services (Update 04/26/2022)

 Hello Friends, Family & Haters, 

UPDATE 04/26/2022: We've changed the name to END TIMES PUBLIC RELATIONS!!!

This is Curtis "Ray Biselliano" Bizelli. Most people online now know me as the CEO & Publisher of Eternal Affairs Media, or Watchman of The End Times! However, what many don't know is I founded another company Manifest Your Dreams Strategic Communications (Publicity) in 2009 and the company went on to provide services for Grammy Award Winners and had hundreds of satisfied clients. 


UPDATE 04/26/2022: We've changed the name to END TIMES PUBLIC RELATIONS!!!

When I started focusing solely on my Media Operation & Prophetic End Times Ministry, Eternal Affairs Media (founded in 2010), I temporarily shut the digital doors to Manifest Your Dreams Publicity. Besides, Facebook removed our Page which had garnered thousands of likes & follows plus many 5-Star Reviews! It seemed like the best option was to call it quits and focus solely on Eternal Affairs Media! 

My primary focus is still Eternal Affairs Media, at this time, however ... 

in order to fund Eternal Affairs Media, which receives little ad revenue or donations, we need to re-open Manifest Your Dreams. 

Manifest Your Dreams Strategic Communications (Publicity) is YES! A Digital Marketing & Public Relations / Publicity Agency, however we are also beginning to provide even more services such as Website Production for a fraction of the cost you'll find elsewhere! 

and I'm offering most of our services on: 

SEO Clerks 



Thank you for joining me on this new endeavor. I look forward to serving many of you! 

God speed ~ In Truth, 

Curtis "Ray Biselliano" Bizelli 

UPDATE 04/26/2022: We've changed the name to END TIMES PUBLIC RELATIONS!!!